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Welcome to Hounds in the Woods

Welcome to Hounds in the Woods, a place to share my thoughts, struggles, ideas, and, of course, my hounds!

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I have this thing I need to do. I need to sell my house. But I can't sell my house until I get my garbage out of the house. I moved in...

Balance and Be One

I've been pondering all week on the topic of unity. I probably don't need to add to the cacophony surrounding Elder Holland's speech at...

So...why do I keep going?

Sometimes its hard to want to go to church each Sunday. There have been times in my life where I looked forward to going to church each...

Opting Out

Today our relief society lesson will be about a talk by Elder Christofferson titled "Why the Covenant Path" I haven't had the lesson yet,...

Eye Beams and Golden Calves

I have been having a hard time this morning organizing what I wanted to talk about. And I am also thinking about why it is so difficult...

Conceal don't Feel

Sorry for a Sunday blitz today. Had a discussion with a friend that accelerated this one. I'd been letting it percolate in my brain for a...

Are you Being Served?

I've been thinking on a thing that happened last week in church. It was one of those things where a presumably well-intentioned person...

Cafeteria Plan of Happiness

I've been thinking this week about happiness and how to find it. I'm reading scriptures and talks about finding happiness. Many of the...

Doest Thou Well to be Angry?

For a while, everything was going pretty well for me. I loved my job. I had a unicorn of a young single adult ward where I met amazing...

Strong Independent Woman

Sometimes I’m so lonely its physically painful. my heart aches in my chest. i don’t know what brings this on. most of the time I’m fine...

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