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Welcome to Hounds in the Woods

Welcome to Hounds in the Woods, a place to share my thoughts, struggles, ideas, and, of course, my hounds!

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I'm Terrified to Write This

I'm very scared of sharing this publicly. Even though I did it before. For some reason, its really easy to be compassionate towards other...


I have this thing I need to do. I need to sell my house. But I can't sell my house until I get my garbage out of the house. I moved in...

Am I addicted to Workahol?

I had to take a few weeks off the blog because work got to be a little bit crazy again. I finally made it through the tax deadline, and...

Help getting Better

Let's talk about therapy. and therapists. One of the hardest things about a mental illness is recognizing the problem. Once that is done,...

Leaves on the Trees

Trigger warning: brief mention of suicide/self-harm. I woke up this morning at 3 am (I drank an energy beverage right before bed because...

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