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Like a Cartoon Lady!

When I moved into my first apartment by myself, I got myself a cat. I went to the shelter and she picked me. Mom and Grandma thought I picked the ugliest cat in the place (definitely not true), but the truth is Ally reached out of her cage and grabbed me. She stood up and told me she was my cat and I couldn’t leave her there. She’s been with me for almost 10 years!

A few years later, my mom brought my a kitten she found in a Wal-Mart parking lot. She was so cute! I named her Zoey. Kittens are only kittens for about 17 minutes. You go to work one day and come back and your kitten has become a cat. Somewhere along the way, she developed a hearty fear of everyone who is not me. I loved her anyway. She spoke to my introvert tendencies. She wanted to be a part of the group, but didn’t quite know how.

One day, I was cleaning up the kitchen using my vacuum mop combination machine. You learn about these devices when you have too many pets. Well…I had opened the door to my backyard so Trevor could go outside. He has a dog door, but he’s decided he can’t use it. I forgot about the part where a vacuum is a terrible monster. Zoey took off when I used it. I didn’t see her take off and didn’t know she was missing until the next morning. She was a hider anyway, so it wasn’t unusual not to see her for a few hours.

Well…this wasn’t the first time she had bolted into the yard. I thought if I left the door open, she’d find her way back. I put food out for her. I reported her missing. I cracked open the back door. No sign of her though.

I didn’t want to give up on her. So I started leaving my garage door open just a crack so she could sneak in when I wasn’t home. I put a camera up and put some cat food in the garage to lure her. I was hoping she would at least come in the garage. Off to work I went.

When I came home that day, I found two new residents in my home. Two pigeons, attracted by the delicious cat food I left out, had wandered into my garage, into the cracked door, passed the two dogs and one cat still living in my house, and flown up to the window over my stairs.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was in the fearsome predators I shared my home with. All three of them! Just completely ignoring these two intruders! I had to chase them out the front door with a broom like a cartoon lady! Not my finest hour for sure.

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