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100 New Things week 1

Next round of #100NewThings

Sorry for being late this week. I had a tragic incident on Thursday involving a pesto sandwich (delicious but I forgot I am allergic) and some benadryl that forced me to spend Thursday sleeping instead of posting. Hopefully I will learn from this error and avoid the poison pesto from now on and maybe even post on time next week.

Don't forget to share your new things in the comments.

First up: the easy ones

um...ok...sure. this is a silly thing to do. This is probably more fun in a group or something.

that was harder than it needed to be. I don't appreciate it. Time to get to work on my body too.

Ahh! Why is there nothing green in this room! Hurry hurry grab something. What is green?

Does this count?

No! Not green enough! What about this?

I grabbed it, so its blurry. I was hurrying!

Why does everything get more difficult when it says to do it quickly? Also, this is for the Internet. Who will know whether I did it quickly? Calm down. It's fine. There is no rule about how green it has to be. You won't get disqualified if its not 50% green or more. Its pretty low stakes.

Now I'm afraid to flip to the next card. What if I have to do it right now? I'm not ready!

Ok...well...not a race, but does require an embarrassing video. wasn't pretty, but Calvin enjoyed it. He can jump much better than I can.

Sigh. You are just going to keep making me do embarrassing videos, eh? Fine.

oof. so glad that my belly is appearing so prominently in this one. I guess I need to do more swimming....

HAHAHAHAHA! Nothing new about this for me.

I know everything there is to know about the celebrity I admire.

I did find out that her mediocre tv christmas musical is nominated for two emmys. also, apparently Dolly told RuPaul that she loves her wigs and makeup and high heels and never takes them off in public, and apparently that constituted her throwing shade at him. Plus it was world emoji day, so she shared her old song Heartbreaker on facebook. I need to do a Dolly post at some point.

I didn't get to any kind ones this week, mostly because they require more time and planning, but I have some in process. If you are looking for those, the two I am working on are donating books to a library or charity and leave a nice note on someone's car. I have the books ready, but haven't made the trip yet. Need to find some cards to leave notes for someone.

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