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Welcome to Hounds in the Woods

Welcome to Hounds in the Woods, a place to share my thoughts, struggles, ideas, and, of course, my hounds!

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Conceal don't Feel

Sorry for a Sunday blitz today. Had a discussion with a friend that accelerated this one. I'd been letting it percolate in my brain for a...

Are you Being Served?

I've been thinking on a thing that happened last week in church. It was one of those things where a presumably well-intentioned person...

100 New Things week 1

Next round of #100NewThings Sorry for being late this week. I had a tragic incident on Thursday involving a pesto sandwich (delicious but...

New Logo Alert!!

Short post here to announce our new logo, designed by my amazing and talented friend Ashley! Check out her work @ash_huesart on...

Cafeteria Plan of Happiness

I've been thinking this week about happiness and how to find it. I'm reading scriptures and talks about finding happiness. Many of the...

Leaves on the Trees

Trigger warning: brief mention of suicide/self-harm. I woke up this morning at 3 am (I drank an energy beverage right before bed because...


ok. here's the thing. I flipped over the first card on each deck and immediately wanted to cancel the project. I'm for sure going to...

100 New Things to Try

I just got these three decks of cards as part of my efforts to pull myself out of wherever it is I've been for the last year (or longer)....

Trevor's Story

sometimes people share with me that they would enjoy having a puppy. I usually encourage the getting of puppies. i love puppies. other...

Doest Thou Well to be Angry?

For a while, everything was going pretty well for me. I loved my job. I had a unicorn of a young single adult ward where I met amazing...

Like a Cartoon Lady!

When I moved into my first apartment by myself, I got myself a cat. I went to the shelter and she picked me. Mom and Grandma thought I...

Strong Independent Woman

Sometimes I’m so lonely its physically painful. my heart aches in my chest. i don’t know what brings this on. most of the time I’m fine...

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